Trainees tell their story.

My name is Wala, I’m 20 years old and come from Syria.

I was at school there. I came to Germany in 2014. I love baking cakes and sweet treats in my spare time.

What is different in Germany?
„There is more freedom of expression and justice in Germany. The schools are good and I can find a good job.“
What difficulties did you have and how did you solve them?
„I initially struggled to learn the language, but I improved by watching educational videos on YouTube.“

What have we done so far and why is that good for us?

Did you take any preparatory courses for the vocational training? Which ones?
„I attended the preparatory course “Starting your career” at Evonik.
(The "Starting your career" vocational preparation scheme at Evonik helps young people who are eager to gain vocational training qualifications.) At the end of the programme, the young trainees are not only prepared for vocational training, they are also assessed based on their preferences and achievements to ascertain whether a vocational training place can be offered or mediated.)
How did you find it?
„I was supported by REinit e. V. when I applied for the Starting your career program. This non-profit organisation helps people in the Emscher-Lippe region to develop in terms of their personal and professional lives.“
What did you enjoy about it?
„I found out about new careers and made new friends.“
Who supported you during your vocational training?
„I was supported by trainers in the company during my vocational training, and the tutors also helped me at school. They were always happy to explain things to me if I had questions or if I didn’t understand something. I also received support from other people, who helped me with the application and who provided German tutoring in the vocational training to improve my German.“

Why did we choose dual vocational training?

What is your current vocational training?
„I am pursuing vocational training as a chemical lab technician at Evonik Industries AG and am in the second year of my apprenticeship.“
Why did you choose dual vocational training?
„I chose this vocational training because I like experimenting. I’d also enjoy research and discovering something new.“
What is going well in your vocational training?
„Everything’s going really well in my vocational training.“
Where have you experienced difficulties?
„I initially struggled with the German language; there was a lot of basic knowledge I had to catch up on.“

What next?

What do you want for your future?
„I’d like to complete my vocational training with high grades, get a good job and live in peace with my family.“

What tips would you give other young refugees who are interested in dual vocational training

„Even if things can get tough sometimes, just keep going and focus on the goal of your vocational training!”