Trainees tell their story.

My name is Siar, I’m 22 years old, and I come from Afghanistan,

where I attended the 10th grade of a high school (15-16 years old). I came to Germany in 2014. I’m now doing the vocational training to be an industrial mechanic at Siemens and I’m in the third year of my apprenticeship.

I like playing football and also enjoy fitness training and swimming.

Where are you right now in your career path?

In which department are you currently working? What are your tasks there?
„I’ve been in the turbine assembly plant and also in blade production, where I’ve also assembled parts, and in the burner construction section where I had to check how the oil and air passed through.“
Have you ever regretted starting your vocational training?
„No, not at all.“

Your vocational training:

What do you like most about vocational training?
„My contact with colleagues to improve my German and of course to have opportunities for the future to enable me to find a job later on. The best thing about the vocational training is the sports education, but also the specific subject teaching because you learn so much, including the technical terms.“
What has been your best experience so far?
„Definitely the training of the trade association. We spent a week at Linowsee and I got to know my colleagues better during that time, and of course learned a lot about occupational health and safety.“
Where you have experienced the greatest difficulties?
„In the beginning it was with the German language, which persisted for the next few months.“
How are you managing with the German language in your vocational training?
„Some technical terms are hard to grasp, but other than that, I’m doing really well.“
How did your first test/exam go?
„It could have been better, but at least I passed. I had difficulties with the technical terms and the German language in general. I did better at answering the text questions than the multiple choice, because the multiple choice had occurred much less frequently in the class work, so I had less practice.“

Working environment:

Did you receive/are you receiving specific support during your vocational training? If so, from whom?
„Privately, I was supported by the company guidance team at Siemens and I am very grateful for that. They helped me find an apartment, and my class teacher would always ask me if I had understood everything and would explain things to me again. If I have problems, I can ask an educational consultant from Siemens and she always helps me.“
Do you feel comfortable in your environment?
„Yes, of course; I have a vocational training place, and I hope this will lead to a permanent job later on.“

What next?

What else do you want from your vocational training?
„First, I’d like to pass my final exam, and later have a permanent position at Siemens.“
What else do you want from your life?
„I hope to stay healthy and to be able to support myself financially. You come to Germany to be more secure, and having a good job is the basis for doing just that.“

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What is different in Germany?
„In Germany, life is completely different from life in my home country. For example, there is education, lots of support, and work. Germany offers me a lot of prospects for my future.“

What problems were there and how did you solve them?
„As I haven’t been in Germany for very long, I had some problems with the language. I had to learn German but I managed it with practice and patience.“

What sort of future would you like?
„My hope for the future is to complete training successfully. Then I’ll have a good chance of getting a job.“

How did you find your introductory training scheme?
„I came across my current work placement through the language school.“

What do you enjoy?
„I enjoy the teaching side of the introductory training a lot.“

Who at the school and company assists you with this and how?
„The language school helps me to learn German.“

What are you doing now?
„I have started training as an industrial mechanic.“

Why did you choose dual vocational training?
„Training opens up practical prospects for me in life. It will allow me to be successful in my future career.“

Who or what helped you with your decision?
„My friends helped me with the decision.“

Do you have any tips for refugees based on your experience to date?

„Learn, learn and learn again. The main thing is to focus on learning German and finding a vocational training vacancy or a study program. Don’t stay at home doing nothing. You should interact and communicate with German people as much as possible."