Trainees tell their story.

My name is Henok, 29 years old, and I come from Eritrea,

where I attended school for 11 years and worked as a welder for nine years. I came to Germany in 2014. I’m doing vocational training as an industrial mechanic at Siemens and am in the third year of my apprenticeship.

I like playing volleyball, basketball and football and I also enjoy swimming.

Your vocational training:

What do you like most about vocational training?
„I really like the vocational training for a career, as the experience is very practical, but you still need theoretical knowledge.“
What has been your best experience so far?
„My best experience so far was when I passed the final examination part 1.“
Where you have experienced the greatest difficulties?
„I had some slight difficulties with the German language during my vocational training.“
How are you managing with the German language in your vocational training?
„I’m coping very well with the German language in my vocational training. I talk to my German colleagues a lot and am learning so much.“
How did your first test/exam go?
„My final examination part 1 was good. The theoretical test was quite hard, because of the language, as always. But it was all fine, and I’m so happy I passed my part 1 final exam.“

What next?

What else do you want from your vocational training?
„I want to keep learning something new every day.“
What else do you want from your life?
„I would like a healthy and happy life, and hope I complete my vocational training exam successfully.“

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What is different in Germany?
„For me, school and technology are different in Germany.“

What problems were there and how did you solve them?
„I find the German language difficult.“

What sort of future would you like?
„I want a happy life, a family and lots of children, and to stay in Germany.“

How did you find your introductory training scheme?
„The Employment Agency told me about Siemens.“

What do you enjoy?
„I enjoy electrical engineering and mechatronics.“

Who at the school and company assists you with this and how?
„The trainers and teachers help me. I was given safety shoes, work clothes and books.“

What are you doing now?
„I’m training as an industrial mechanic.“

Why did you choose dual vocational training?
„Because I’m interested in engineering.“

Who or what helped you with your decision?
„My wife and my German friends.“

Do you have any tips for refugees based on your experience to date?

„Talk a lot to German colleagues and learn a lot.“