Trainees tell their story.

My name is Amir, I’m 33 years old and I come from Iran

where I studied electrical engineering and completed a bachelor's degree. I came to Germany in 2014, where I am doing a vocational training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering at Siemens.

I love travelling, playing football, and in my spare time I teach Persian.

Where are you right now in your career path?

In which department are you currently working? What are your tasks there?
„I always work in different departments, for example in maintenance. I take on different tasks, depending on the department. I have worked in electronics and mechatronics, I’ve repaired equipment, built new equipment and have amended drawings and carried out safety checks.“
Have you ever regretted starting your vocational training?
„I was already working towards this in my home country, so I’m on the same track.“

Your vocational training?

What do you like most about vocational training?
„Getting to know new people, getting information about jobs and having all sorts of different experiences.“
What has been your best experience so far?
„Programming project smart house”."
Where you have experienced the greatest difficulties?
„With the German language and technical terms. Over time it became easier and almost routine!“
How are you managing with the German language in your vocational training?
„I can’t learn at home, but learned a lot at school and during my contacts with classmates I improved when learning at school.“
How did your first test/exam go?
„The grade 1.9 was good! The questions were hard because of the language.“

Working environment:

Did you receive/are you receiving specific support during your vocational training? If so, from whom?
„Colleagues and trainers are very nice and have always helped me, so it’s great.“
Do you feel comfortable in your environment?
„I haven’t learned much more at school after the intermediate exam. I really enjoy working at the company because you’re really working properly; I always looking forward to it and there are no tests!“

What next?

What else do you want from your vocational training?
„A shorter vocational training period than 3.5 years. I’d also like to have more projects and experiences in other areas: automation technology would be something I’d like to do, for example. In general, I’d like more practical relevance and more projects that relate orm e future.“
What else do you want from your life?
„I’d like to do what interests me, enjoy life and work.“

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What is different in Germany?
„I can take the time to think about my future, so I have lots of opportunities to live a good life.“

What problems were there and how did you solve them?
„I didn’t speak German well at the beginning. Then I took German lessons, and now I find it easier.“

What sort of future would you like?
„I would like to have a good job.“

Wie bist du zur Einstiegsqualifizierung gekommen?
„Die Sprachschule, in der ich war, hat mir die Einstiegsqualifizierung vorgestellt.“

What do you enjoy?
„I really enjoy the teamwork in the mechanical workshop.“

Who at the school and company assists you with this and how?
„I am helped by my German teacher.“

What are you doing now?
„I am training to be an electronics technician.“

Why did you choose dual vocational training?
„I chose it because it allows me to achieve my ambitions.“

Who or what helped you with your decision?
„I made the decision alone.“

Do you have any tips for refugees based on your experience to date?

„I was under a lot of stress in my probationary period, but it gets better! Just hang on in there: things improve over time!"